The Collective was established with the ambition of being a vibrant online community and platform that offers an alternative to the polarised content currently seen elsewhere. Our subject matter is broad, looking to explore the arts across a whole range of interests and experiences. Our aspiration is to offer and provide exposure to emerging artists, writers and creators, through interviews, articles or by acting as a space to exhibit their work.​​​

edition iii.

Edition three looks to expand upon many of the ideas explored previously with a focus on design, sustainability and the renewed role of art within an ever-changing landscape. Whilst each creative looks to express & create their own version of a phenotype there is an overarching sense of togetherness, collaboration and unity.

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Content 74

Nestor Martinez

2019-11-30 11.11.42 1.jpg
Content 76

Ferdonio Damanik

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Content 80

Ian Howorth

The Collective Podcast

The Collective Podcast is a series of informal conversations with artists & creators all over the world.


edition i. // ii.

The first two editions looked to explore a whole host of different art forms ranging from conversations with those in the fashion industry to exhibitions of work from up-and-cming photographers to acclaimed visual artists. 

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Content 71

Eden Redpath

Content 37

Oliver Blowers

Screenshot 2019-12-25 at 14.53.01.png
Content 48

Robert Loebel

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Content 09

Vince Clarke 

Content 47

Fabrizio Cocchiarella

Content 02

Mark Bennett


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