Adam Lucy

This is a face of violence,
Accidental and deliberate.
A face of such sorrow 
And boundless communal joy.

Love has blessed this face
Bringing laughter and caress
Heartbreak has scared it
And lingers in its windows.

A road map to the present,
Of beginnings and conclusions.
Valleys that will deepen,
Mountains that will rise.

This worn imperfect cover
Of a life and works to be,
This is the face of I alone,
My unfolding history.


*Poet's notes: The poem was originally inspired by the current craze adopted by many on social media of filtering their faces. So many images, in essence self portraits, are run through filters to iron out creases and remove blemishes. This to me seemed an erasure of the person’s history, a filtering away of identity. It made me think of how my face and the faces of others tell a story about their past and life’s experiences and we should be celebrating that instead of searching for perfection.


I’ve been a photographer for over 7 years now, expanding my artistic mediums to paint and poetry to better help me tell my story. Art to me is an outward expression of the inner being, the purpose is to highlight the sometimes unpalatable truths we’d rather ignore. I’m a great believer in Artists being at the forefront of social change and exposing the viewer to new ways of thinking.