I know its getting better

Cameron Exley

Even though my head isn’t in the best place


I know it gets better

I know that, every silly thing I overthink and say

Every affectionate display

Doesn’t mean anything because the blatant disarray

Shows right up upon my face


I know it gets better

I know whilst you might think you’re an absolute disgrace

Regardless of embrace, because affection is misplaced

But the right person would kill to see your face

So I hope you smile and decide its best to wait


I hope you know it gets better

Know that your head might not be in the right space

Or that might not be your case

But your existence is not going to be one that is replaced

Know that everyone loves you and that you can’t just be erased


Know that you’re beautiful

It’s getting better.

*Poet's notes: 'I wouldn’t consider this poetry, but more of an expression of self. Reading it back, I would definitely take out some parts that are in there, but I think that would defeat the object of the piece. This derived from a rough period of my life, and to read it back I can evidently see where I’ve grown and how I have come out of it a better person.'