content. People, Places, Light

date. 2018

description. 'I'm a street and travel photographer from the UK. Picking up my Fuji and hitting the streets is what gets me out of bed in the morning. Interesting light and colour and cinematic scenes is what catches my eye and what I constantly look for and try my best to capture in my work. I travel as much as I can and I've spent the last few years living in and travelling around Asia. My work is stimulated by the fear of missing out! I find every time I go out that there is the possibility for something interesting is to happen and I want to be able to capture it. Showing a story or capturing a moment of the seemingly mundane and make it compelling and engaging is what drives my photography. The story I look to create really depends moment to moment but each time I capture an image I strive to have it contain some kind of story or something that you as the viewer can read into and interpretate and give you a connection to the image. Of course I don't always achieve that but that's what I to get across in my work. I'm attracted to bold colours and interesting light and a strong subject with a story. If I can get all those elements to work in one image then it's very exciting and that's what I aim to portray in my work.
. Tim Jamieson