Tatu Garcia // Photographer, Artist, Creative

Tatu Garica is a photographer and film maker based in Buenos Aires. Garcia looks to create works which are bold, striking and sensational. They construct a narrative which challenges the norm, creating a new and exciting perception of reality. In each piece, there is a sense of ease both visually and physically as the combined components sit perfectly together. 

[C] What does art and photography mean to you?


[T] To express freely about a concept, idea or emotion that may be worked in advance or not, but at the time of capturing the essence the only thing that matters is the connection between the idea and the people involved in it. For me, it´s very important to create a team where everyone is free to contribute their talent on a concept that identifies us all.  This is what empowers it.


[C] You have produced art and commercial photography. At what point do you believe photography turns from art into commerciality, or do you believe that that line does not exist?


[T] I believe that art is freedom and anything conditioned, will not give you freedom. Publicity gives conditions, although there are very good ideas that allow us to expand creatively and generate


images that otherwise we could not create. Anyway, I am grateful for commercial photography, because I can live me from what I love, meet new people on the way, constantly train new techniques and travel the world thanks to it. Everything in life is a learning, and any type of learning helps to reconstruct my artistic self.​


[C] The photo set ‘performance or portraiture’ - what do you feel distinguishes one from the other?


[T] I think both are similar, beyond capturing the essence of a person or scene, the look on the object is 100% subjective.


[C] There seems to be a clear focus in each of your works. Do you set out with a predetermined vision?


[T] I usually set out on a concept that I want to express and I explore it long before the shoot, however I take a break the days before production and I put my mind on blank to flow and handle myself freely during each photo session. I am a person who moves a lot on the set (and generally), maybe everything I had planned I undo it right before and generate something similar but from a completely different perspective.

[C] Colour is obviously a very integral part of your photography. What are the sources for these colours? And how do you decide a palette for each photograph?


[T] I decide the colour palette according to what I want to tell.  Colours are fundamental to enhance a feeling / emotion. For example; It is not the same to tell an anger scene with a predominance of a strong red than with a light and soft color. They act directly into our mind and generate specific sensations, so for me it´s important to know what I want to tell first and then use the colors that enhance my expression.


[C] You capture images which have an angular and almost architectural feel to them. Is this done on purpose?


[T] I really like the geometry and spaces.  My eyes look instinctively for symmetry and balance. I don´t plan it, but it has to do with something referred to that.

[C] How did your collaborations with Lola Dupre come about, and what was the vision for your joining of creatives forces?


[T] The collaboration with Lola Dupre was very natural, we both liked each other's work and contacted each other through social media. It was something different since I am in Argentina and she is in Sweden, the distances in this case served to complement us and delivered an amazing result. We shared several ideas together, we both agreed to use a reduced palette of colors, several brown models and a geometrical feeling. Then, we builded a conceptual presentation with the of connection, transformation and what it means to move from one state to other. The process was fast and pleasant because we were both free to express what we wanted and empowered each other. I believe that joining forces and keeping the ego aside is very important in the process of creating something.


[C] You seem to have had a very diverse artistic journey, could you tell us more about it?


[T] My artistic journey began with Gaby Messina, a very passionate Argentine artist. We worked for a year on her personal project in a town called Lima, about 100 km from Buenos Aires. In Lima, we made surreal portraits of the local people. Gaby´s passion and connection with people, as well as his conviction for an idea, was something that marked my career and gave me confidence for the creating processes. After this experience, I started to make art and fashion editorials on my own, and assisting other photographers at the same. This process was very important, since it allowed me to observe different methods and points of view while I formed my own vision.