At First Glance

Cameron Exley

Worried feels the right word

No one senses pain whenever that I'm heard

Can feel my slipping and I can't even stop

The d word, depression, yeah I'm on that verge


You're meant to be here for the difficult parts

But I can't fault you, you're unaware of my half

Another area where I feel like I'm slipping

I know it's bad but you're just something I can't


I prefer to tell someone else about my shit

She listen to me and don't give me stick

Sometimes I wonder if ever say too much

I want her to like me not think I'm a dick


You're something I want to get to know

Me and this girl have shared similar roads

There's things you've only ever told me 

But I want to know more and get even more close

*Poet's notes: A work by poet and creative Cameron Exley. Exley takes a different approach in this work creating something which impresses Lyricism rather than the format and style of a traditional poem. Exley states, 'Identifying an issue with yourself is difficult. Many musicians and artist express and vent through the art of lyricism. And these short 16 lines are the beginning of a downhill slope in my personal life'.


Lyricism: an artist's expression of emotion in an imaginative and beautiful way; the quality of being lyrical.