date. 2018

description. ‘AS THE DUST SETTLES’ is an ongoing project looking at the brutalist architecture of London. An architectural style that emerged in the 1950s from the early 20th Century Modernist movement. This specific project focuses on the Barbican Laundrette and its close surroundings. The Barbican estate was built between the 1960s and the 1980s within the City of London. The area had once been devastated by World War II bombings. The entire estate is an incredible time warp showing what life was like in the latter half of the 20th Century. The Laundrette is such a great example, appearing completely unchanged since it was built, decades ago. Stopping to look for compositions in a location like this has shifted my outlook on photography completely. Artists like William Eggleston are not necessarily shooting anything that would at first seem photogenic, they are able to see fascinating compositions in everyday life. It was this idea that led me to create this series. My interest in photography really began after studying the work of Eggleston in depth. I started to see compositions in places I previously thought seemed to lack beauty. It taught me that the mundane elements of everyday life can be beautiful depending on one's outlook. I hope these images can prove how beautiful the mundane elements of everyday life can be. 
. Oliver Blowers