Lerry Kin

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[C] What sparked your interest in cinematography?


[L] Honestly, the idea of conveying a feeling or emotion through moving images is what made me say “wow”. I remember watching movies when I was younger and thinking, “how can these people create a mood or feeling by moving the camera, angles or even lighting.


[C] Could you give us a brief summary of the evolution of your work?

[L] Ever since I started cinematography, I've known my goal and that's feature films. Moved from Miami, Florida to Los Angeles and basically started to shoot anything I could. I didn’t care what, I just knew I needed to get better. Started shooting live bands, events, small Instagram videos. Progressively, I started meeting the right people, getting bigger opportunities and shooting bigger stuff. I still feel like my work is trash haha and I have a lot more to learn but that pushes me, even more, every day.


[C] What kind of narratives are you drawn to?


[L] All of them. Right now I feel like I need to explore and experiment to find out more. I think everyone has their own way of seeing comedy, love, pain, etc, because everyone has experienced it differently. Collaborating with different directors and narratives will allow me to tap in and mould to their world and see the events through their eyes.​

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[C] You have worked on several short films. Is there something which draws you to them in the same way an author might be drawn to writing short stories, or is it more a logistical matter?


[L] I think it has to make sense both logistically and creatively. When someone really has something to say and is passionate about it, there’s more truth in the project. That's something you can’t fabricate.


[C] How do you approach cinematography for a music video? Do you use the music as an audio mood board of sorts, or is it more a case of you bringing your own individual approach?

[L] Its a little bit of all those factors. The directors usually come to me with a concept and we sit down to talk logistics. I feel like music videos are way more visual than narratives, so there’s a little more pressure on the cinematographer on trying to make something new or different. For me, music videos and narratives are the same animals but different beasts. I have to switch mentalities between both depending on the project. I learned that the hard way. Sometimes a music video requires ALL energy throughout the whole piece, and if I play it all slow, still and dull, it’ll come out like trash. So yea haha


[C] What kind of artistic background do you have? Have you always been a cinematographer, or have you experimented with sculpture or paints etc.?


[L] My dad’s side is rooted with music and I’m Hispanic so we just got “Sazón” in us.
I started calling myself a cinematographer the day I left Miami and moved to Los Angeles 2 years ago. I knew this is what I wanted to do, so I've been working and learning ever since.


[C] Has your education influenced your work at all?


I haven’t gone to film school or anything like that for cinematography. The internet and online sources have been my education. Things like “NoFilm school”, ASC magazines and youtube have been my books, for lack of better words.


[C] What does the term art mean to you?

[L] Anything that conveys a feeling, emotion or thought.

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