content. Life

date. 2019

description. (artists words) I am an amateur Street Photographer from Singapore and have been “properly" photographing the streets for about a year. Street photography motivates me to look at my surroundings from a different perspective and I really love it.

Because of the nature of my work, I had the opportunity to travel to different countries for many years. After a long time, I realised that I had not made good use of it or probably sometimes felt bored after being in the same place for a long time. 

Many years later, I decided to buy a camera and picked up some skills on how to use it in manual mode. While I was very enthusiastic and rather good in taking travel photos, I felt something is still missing and is not breaking through.

One year ago, I met one of the top master in street photography and saw how he looked at things differently. That was really exciting. I practised a lot on my own thereafter. Soon, my photography style changed and have now developed my own style which is more multi-faceted. What gives me most pleasure about street photography is that there are so many possibilities out there and it gives me a chance to think of the box as well as look at things in a creative manner. My latest passion is to combine multiple elements into one single shot, as you can observe in some of my photos displayed here.

produced. Betty Goh