Designing a new world


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What does the term ‘art’ mean to you?

‘Art’ to us needs to inspire and provoke; to make us feel or see something different. We are bias towards Art that requires craft and skills, that is beautiful or shows the potential beauty of what humankind can achieve and create.

You talk about creating experiences, what do you mean by this? 

We help our clients create brand experiences through the different touchpoint their audience and customers interact with their brand - in the form of well-thought out crafted brand identity, delightful creative and art direction through their ad campaigns, elegant graphic design and beautifully executed illustrations. When viewers see our artworks at galleries, we also hope that they would connect and experience our imaginary world through our art, even if it’s for just a fleeting moment. 

How does design motivate you?

When we see something well-designed, it makes us appreciate the thought and care that went into the materialization. It shows us the possibility which inspires and motivates us to put in as much effort to create something that is on par, so that collectively we are making the world better progressively. Or at least that’s what we hope to.

In what way does good design equal a good life?

We feel that Design is the manifestation of human intelligence and progress. It is the combination of thought, care and sometimes genius, and it is in everything: The architecture we live in, the services and products we use, the food we eat, the language we speak, the system we are governed by. Pencil and paper that we take for granted have been well-designed and gone through many iterations. Collectively as human we should all strive for excellence in Design in every aspect, and if we are privileged to be surrounded by well-designed environment, experiences, systems and objects so much so that our lives are empowered by Design every day for the better, we can be pretty sure that we can say that we live a rather good life.

Is your work designed to evoke a certain feeling? If so, how?

We always strive to create something delightful for our design projects. It is the quality that separates between good and outstanding work. Everything can be functional but without Delight, the project does not stand out and people forget about them. Being thoughtful and respectful to the audience, and surprising them with a great concept and excellent execution is how we try to bring delight into our projects. As for our Art, it is a means of catharsis for us, a vessel for us to express our feelings when sometimes the world does not make sense to us and serves as our escape to another world, a world that is temporarily shared with the viewers experiencing our art.

What themes are integral to your work?

We do notice the feeling of sadness, loneliness, and melancholy present in most of our artworks.

Could you describe and explain your design process?

To design is to set up a system to influence. So we’ll first need to know as much as we could about what we are trying to influence and the eventual outcome we expect so that we can design towards the intended outcome. This can be in the form of a face to face chat with the client, talking through a series of questions to find out and properly define the problem they are trying to solve. With the definition of the problem we can then do our research; about the client; the competition; about what has been done, what hasn’t, and what could be possible. Next, we’ll have to do an internal analysis from this research data to decide on the best approach for the project. We’ll then have to create tangible visual examples or mood boards to present to the client, explaining to them how it’s going to be in the final execution. When our client sees the potential and agrees with the approach we will then begin the actual design work, keeping the client updated about the progress and getting feedback as we move along towards the final delivery of the solution.

What makes a piece of work successful for you?

A great working relationship from the process of partnering with like-minded clients, working towards the same goals to transform their businesses, deriving in something delightful for the audience, marks a successful project for us.

What are you trying to say in your work?

Our name kittozutto translates to Forever Always in Japanese, which serves as an antithesis to our artworks, where we try to express the impermanence and the fragility of life.