Cameron Exley 

I want to let it be known
I let off some aggression wh ich shouldn't be shown
I said the wrong things and I can't take it back
But I want you to talk, just us on our own

Exchange some words, even if it's on phone
I'm sorry I ever said that word and I moaned
You understand that I bottle shit up
You're the only one to listen, feel like I'm on my own

In my mind I have plans to treat you right
Take you to the best places every day and night 
Give you something to dress up for, and all that
I just need this friendship to be closer and more tight

You're constantly on my mind, not even a lie
You're the first person I want to talk to, you're not even mine
You'll always be a part of my future no matter what
Even if this is a phase, you'll be with me until the day I die