content. Abstract Voices

date. 2019

description. John Taylor was educated at the Central St. Martins School of Art in London where he studied Theatre and Film Design. He takes his inspiration for his abstract paintings from post-war British art and he works from his South East London studio.  His mid-century style is informed by the simplicity of modernism. He shows regularly in London galleries and art fairs.

(Artist words): “A painting is a combination of colours and shapes that in some way respond together. I’ve always held on to this straightforward idea.  It makes me less fearful when making work.  My paintings in essence are very simple. I believe this makes them accessible. There’s no over-complication here.  I work instinctively and intuitively. I paint because it is my way of attempting to reach out for an internal reaction.  I hope that my compositions trigger some elemental emotion deep within us which is instinctive and natural. This latest body of work continues my journey into the mystery of how we respond to abstraction or a visual language. A continuing exploration of how shapes and colours together can set up tensions of interest and intrigue. 

produced. John Taylor