A Moment of Stillness

Anastasia Kolesnichenko

What does the term ‘art’ mean to you?

For me art is freedom, art is like an additional language that everyone speaks no matter where or who they are. Art is big platform which encourages people to interact.

The objects in your compositions appear carefully selected and placed. How do you go about composing these arrangements?


Sometimes the shapes of objects can tell me how to build a composition, sometimes the idea of a picture. Basically, I always clearly know what the composition should be. Or, if I suddenly don’t know, then I constantly rearrange everything and move until I see that this is it.
In the case of commercial work, I always have everything sorted out so the person with whom I work will understand what the result will be. I select objects in accordance with the idea, since in my works objects are the subject of thought. To make some kind of arrangement, I can go from anything, starting from the property of the object, ending with the situation in which it is located.

What role does light, environment and colour play in creating the effect and aesthetic?

All these components are important, for example, without light it would be impossible to see colors and objects. Light is a very powerful tool that affects the composition and perception of the frame as a whole. Color is an equally important tool for managing attention. With it, important small details can be noted. And without interesting textures and objects in the image, there would be nothing to look at. In still life photography, colors and textures are very important, but I think that the most important thing is what is behind the image. It does not have to be aesthetic.

Still life is traditionally associated with painting. In what way do you think your photography offers a fresh take on a familiar format?

In painting, the magic that can occur in photography does not occur. You never know how this or that texture will play when the picture is taken. Sometimes it may happen that you wanted to say one thing, but the photo turned out to be completely different, but this is not bad. On the contrary, this makes it possible to look differently at the current situation.

Who or what currently inspires your work? Does it affect the outcome or the process?

For me the biggest inspiration is world around, emotions.

The inspiration can serve as a sheet that the machine moved.
The wind that took the check out of hand is also suitable.
Watching how people affect the environment. A person is constantly moving and changing something. Emotions affect the process and the result afterwards.


Can you give us an insight into what it’s like being an artist in Moscow right now? Does politics play a part in the works you create?

Politics and art in our country live separate lives. Everything is under development now. People learn to understand that art also costs money, that you can work with artists. Now work with the artist is just becoming relevant, for example, some local brands are starting to turn to artists for cooperation. And I think it's good.
In a literal sense, politics does not affect my work, but I think that accessing objects in the current situation certainly happens for a reason. I mean, going to things can be a reflection of the political situation. But I did not put such a meaning into my work.

You previously have your work profiled in Vogue. How did this come about? Has this affected your work or the way you work?

Once I went to a portfolio review and there reviewer told me that i can upload pictures on the Vogue profile.
There was a time, I was very active in my page there. It is very interesting how the editorial team selects images, because they do not select every image. It didn’t affect the way I work, but it did a bit on self-confidence.

Your work invites the viewer into an intriguing and playful environment. What draws you to the scale you work at? Could you see yourself creating a large-scale sculptural installation?

I like that small and seemingly insignificant things can become big and important.
Yes, in fact, I think that you can do this kind of installation. Invit