Making the Unreal

Eden Redpath

What does the term ‘art’ mean to you?


 To me, art is the opportunity to highlight emotions, thoughts, feelings and the beauty of everyday life while adding my own particular style and voice to it. 


You talk of creating artwork inspired by nature, the universe and human existence. What attracts you to this as a subject matter?


I think the reason why I am so attracted to nature, the universe and human existence in general is because studying the mysteries of the universe and human nature has always been a huge interest of mine. Often, while I am working, I am watching documentaries and movies about these subjects and I am constantly in awe of the complexity of everything surrounding us. The mysteries of humanity and existence make me feel comforted to be a part of, I think that that comfort is another reason why I find peace in drawing attention to it within my art.


How do you approach a piece?


 This really depends on the purpose of the project. If I am creating an art piece for myself, I usually try to draw inspiration from movies, books, music or everyday life then think of ways that I can draw attention to my favourite elements. If I am creating a piece for a client, I will usually approach the project by drawing inspiration from the client or project. 


Your work could be seen as a modern take on collage. What draws you to this way of working and its aesthetic?


 I love the feeling of optimism meets nostalgia. I try to create this feeling by mixing futuristic elements with vintage photography within my artwork.


Is all your work purely visual?


My work is mainly visual although, when working alongside other artists, sometimes my work can stretch far beyond visual. I have worked with musicians in the past who create music based on my artwork or I create artwork based on their music. This creates a seamless, audio and visual piece of artwork.


Who or what currently inspires your work? Does it affect the outcome of the process?


I am inspired by the universe, nature, the past, the future and other artists old and new. 


What are you currently working on? Does it develop on your existing body of work?


I am currently working on a number of projects. One that I am very excited about currently is a project with a fashion photographer for a magazine in Paris. We are planning an entire visual presentation and mixing our styles completely to create something which highlights art within photography, fashion and design together.