Svetlana Smirnova is a Russian based photographer who looks to use the medium of photography to capture the world around her. There is a clear focus throughout the portfolio on the built environment and the way in which form and shape can be used to frame a shot or a scene.


English: The focus of this photographic fine-art project is situated on the line between photography and graphic abstraction. The basis of the project is a dialogue between color and form; a game in flattened space where beauty is sought in the ordinary. The author, removing everything extraneous, finds harmonious combinations of color and form, where a fragment of the urban landscape becomes an abstract composition. The material for the project is the place where architecture is defined by function and devoid of the decorative. 

Russian: это фотографический файн-арт проект на стыке фотографии и графической абстракции. Основа проекта  - диалог между цветом и формой. Игра с отсутствием перспективы и поиском прекрасного в обыденном. Автор, отсекая лишнее, находит гармоничное сочетание цвета и формы, где фрагмент городского пейзажа становится абстрактной композицией. Материал для проекта - места, где архитектура выполняет функцию, и лишена декоративности. 


Svetlana Smirnova