Ferdonio Damanik, is an Indonesian photographer who looks to not only capture the world as he sees it but create his own. Anticipation and mysteriousness dominant the work as the viewer is both beaconings forward by the openings whilst being warded away by the striking flares of light.


I started taking photographs when I was in grade 3 junior high school. It all started when my friend lent me his camera. I was immediately captivated by a sense of happiness produced by the action of capturing every moment and make visuals of what I saw.

Whilst photography remains my passion, I've recently graduated from the faculty of interior design, National Institute of Technology, Bandung, INDONESIA. Whilst at college I continued to carry out my activities as freelance photography and after graduating, I planned to be a professional photographer and would not be an interior designer. This has proved very hard, however, I believe that happiness I found as a youth can be rediscovered as I improve upon my craft. Currently, I'm busy taking care of the company that I founded myself, namely: Riilative Studio. I'm trying and learning to be a creative director.

From here, my series titled "effect of external conditions" was announced. I feel, who I am today is a function of my initial experiences as a youth and that the desire to capture and create moments as I saw them.

There are 7 photographic works in the "effects of external conditions" series, 3 of which are my modelling using SketchUp, which I learned during college. There is a story that I always want to tell in every photo in this series. I do not insist, you must understand my artwork, you are free to interpret, delve and discover. Because that's art, it's all about perception.

Effect of external conditions

Ferdonio Damanik