Marcello Bellini

Bellini approaches photography with an emphasis on the notion that photographs are made not taken. Within this selection of work, there is a clear focus on the built environment, however, this is juxtaposed with a lack of (human) presence.


I’ve had a passion for photography for a while but always kept it as my hobby. I like capturing moments that reflect the natural rhythm of life, that’s why I find myself drawn to street photography. I like to observe people and their interaction with their surroundings.

During this pandemic and quarantine with fewer people on the streets, it has been quite difficult to find the usual subjects that would catch my attention. Without the distraction of human activity, I have been given an opportunity to explore the structures that make up our living space - the magnificent buildings that go unnoticed in the hassle of city life.

Paying attention to what is above our eye-line, for a change made me appreciate the fusion of modern and old coming together as a piece of art with windows and patterns that literally start from the ground and touch the sky.