Dream Catcher

This is a short animation, illustrating a childhood dream of mine, created during a project, where I explored various ways of visualising and documenting dreams.

When I dream, it is always so vivid and clear, and all of sudden, I wake up and the dream becomes hazy. Rather than simply writing my dreams down in a journal, I wanted to find other ways of remembering what adventures I experience when sleeping.

In this specific dream, I woke, and was walking down my long hallway in our old house. I noticed a human-like silhouette. Assuming it was my babysitter, I approached the figure, calling out his name. As I got closer, the silhouette began to fade, and I felt a sudden rush in my stomach. I felt very anxious and confused. My surroundings started to disappear, and eventually I woke up. I remember seeing this dream repeatedly after that night, so this particular dream is quite special to me.

This was my first time creating an animation, and boy was it fun. It is crazy how long the process takes, but the results are quite gratifying. The video displays exactly my intentions for the dream, and I am very happy with it. I feel that I can still extend, as it is quite a short movie, however overall I am very pleased with the outcome.


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