Funky Plasticine Forms - hello:)

Hey! As previously introduced by the Collective Community within a post, I’m Julia and I will continue sharing with you my work, research or just thoughts on subjects that interest and inspire me as a young creator.

Hope you enjoy:)

Today I will explore one of my latest experiments - FUNKY PLASTICINE FORMS

Since most of my work is greatly influenced by Surrealism, I spend a vast amount of time reading around it. So I came upon an article called "Free Association and Ego Function in Creativity: A Study of Content and Form in Art" by Jacques Schnier. This piece of writing mentioned a little-known poet Garth Wilkenson, who, in 1857 stated: "A theme is chosen or written down", "as soon as this is done the first impression upon the mind... is the beginning of the evolution of that theme". I thought this method of automatic, thus, unconscious writing would be a fascinating way of making art - it would reflect my attachments as well as relationships with each of the rooms within my private space, which is my house. Therefore, I started off by choosing four spaces - my bedroom, my bathroom, my parent’s bedroom and the staircase to my room.

As soon as I walked into each of the spaces, I sat down (either on the bed or on the floor), closed my eyes, and wrote down the first word that came to my head on a piece of paper. Then, I proceeded to choose colours of Plasticine that I associated with this word and formed shapes out of them. The end result were these bright, colourful, lumpy sculptures that although were tiny in real life, had the potential to be as large as I wanted them to be on my computer screen. Most importantly, they were pure representations of everything I hold towards those spaces in my house (feelings, relationships, etc.). Furthermore, the article also introduced me to a German-Jewish poet Börne, who practiced automatic writing himself, "All he has to attend to is that which is on the surface of his unconscious mind and to abandon all objections to what he finds, no matter what form or what reasoning these objections might take." Inspired by him, I am planning to attend to this unconscious, automatic writing activity by having one session of 10 minutes per day of unstoppable writing for around 3-4 days without reading back what I wrote and then at the end of those few days, reading all of the pages together and seeing how I can take this further.

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