The Bench

About us:

We are Simon Hanke (23) and Insa Decker (25) currently studying Industrial Design in Darmstadt, Germany. 

In Insa's school days she was particularly interested in practical subjects such as art or handcrafts, which is why she decided to do a carpentry apprenticeship. During designing and finishing her Journeyman's piece she found her passion for designing and decided to study industrial design.

In her current time as a designer, she explores many different areas of design and focusses on the responsibility that we have as designers especially in regard to sustainability. This is the only way we can achieve a change in consumer’s society and economy.  The grown-up in the countryside, close to nature, it soon became apparent that Simon wanted to do sth creative. This desire became concrete as he graduated as a graphic designer. During his trainee, Simon recognized that he is also interested in designing objects that is why he decided to study industrial design. For us as designers, life is a continuous process of improvement. We are curiously observing our environment and creating new incentives for a better tomorrow.

The Bench in-depth Story: 

The felt and cardboard bench is a temporary seat characterized by its low weight and simple handling. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. Our bench is fully recyclable and is made of sustainable materials.

It consists of three parts: substructure, seating-plain and the wrap. For the substructure, which forms the base of our bench, we used multi-layer cardboard with vertically aligned fibres. The construction consists of two identical cardboard pieces, each folded three times and inserted into one another. We used the same cardboard for the seating-plain, which is also folded three times to get the same size as the substructure when it's folded up.

The wrap is made from natural wool felt. Two panels of the fabric are held together with the help of a decorative seam. The wrap can be removed, stowed separately and is also washable. The shape of the wrap reminds of a package, which alludes to the materiality of the paper, although it is not immediately visible.

The Bench can be used at public events in cultural centres, libraries or in multi-purpose rooms. Thanks to its low weight and good stability, the bench is ideal for temporary use. Visually speaking, the simple shape conveys stability that is initially not expected of cardboard furniture.


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