Julia Chwascinska: As a first-year fine art student, my practice is at its beginnings of a rather experimental nature. Based around the concepts of the human body, I largely explore our physical as well as psychological capabilities while making art. I am heavily influenced by Surrealism and its theory of tapping into the unconscious mind - I’ve been often testing the body's ‘authentic’ movements by placing it in familiar settings and allowing it to perform actions without thinking into them, resulting in performative videos. More recently, I began questioning how our surroundings affect our bodies physically through the exploration of my private space. Focusing on the confined spaces within my room, I pushed the bodily limits by forcing my body to fit inside them, looking at how they affected its shape and form. This generated a series of photographs inspired me to trace the shapes of the body and its environment, producing abstract pieces made up of colourful shapes. The discovery of shapes inside personal space brought up an investigation towards associations between shapes and colours as well as its connection to the theory of psychological space. 

 When considering materials I use to produce my artworks, they are significantly intuitive and are chosen depending on what feels right for each stage of my exploration, making me very excited to delve into my practice even further. 


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